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How were the predictions of the F1 drivers in 2021?

Before the 2021 Formula 1 season started, all the drivers in the category wrote several predictions about what could happen during the course of the year. Now, with the campaign already finished, they themselves have reopened their predictions to see if they were right or not.

Attentive… Because many of the bets are surprising for different reasons:

To begin with, Max Verstappen said that Haas would win a race in 2021… And after checking how things had gone in the American team, the Dutchman let out an “almost” between laughs. Gasly, on the other hand, was unexpectedly surprised by predicting that Ricciardo would win a race: “He was right about this,” he said in surprise.

Nicholas Latifi signed that Williams would add “some points” during the season and indeed that happened, although surely the Canadian even fell short with his prediction: “It’s a positive surprise, we got it on more than one occasion. I’m very happy.”

Daniel Ricciardo, however, went beyond the merely sporting and wrote that Yuki Tsunoda would grow up… Obviously the Australian started laughing when he read it, since obviously the height of the Japanese driver remains the same, 1’59cm.

Carlos Sainz Jr., like Gasly, was surprised to guess that six different drivers would win a race in 2021: “It’s a pretty bold prediction, I feel like I’ve been in the future.” However, Lance Stroll was not so correct when he wrote that he would become the 2021 world champion: “Maybe next year… This time I was quite wrong.”

Charles Leclerc thought that Monaco and Monza would be his favorite races… But the reality was very different. The Monegasque got pole position in Monaco with a controversial accident on his last lap of Q3 and that caused him a break that did not even allow him to start the race: “I felt good going back there, but I felt very bad after the race “, Leclerc said with a sad face when reading the prediction.

Valtteri Bottas also bet on Monaco as his favorite race of the season because according to his prediction, he would win… “Well, that didn’t happen. Obviously. But I had the longest pit stop in the world in Monaco,” joked the Finnish driver.

Sebastian Vettel opted to see Aston Martin third in the constructors’ classification, but when he read it he made a face of “unfortunately I was wrong” and later broke all his predictions into a thousand pieces.

Returning to Leclerc, the Monegasque said he would do 4 podiums and finally only got 1: “It depresses me to read this,” he said between laughs between laughs. However, Verstappen said he would win six races: “I had more than six wins… So that’s fine,” the Red Bull man added.

On the other hand, George Russell bet on Lewis Hamilton as world champion in 2021, but that ultimately did not happen: “It seemed like an easy thing, but Red Bull had the fastest car, so in retrospect, it was not so obvious,” he concluded. the young British pilot.

To finish and without missing the style that characterizes him so much, Kimi Raikkonen wrote that his favorite race would be Abu Dhabi “because it will be the last”. And he said goodbye with a “Good Bye” his prediction letter for the 2021 season.

Click here to see the video with all these predictions and some more.

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