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I want to have a dog, where can I go to find it?

The acquisition of an animal can generate serious points of conflict. We must be sure that the place where we buy it is legal and they treat them well.
Among the places to find our future dog are:

In these centers the animals are fed correctly, control tests are carried out, they are vaccinated and dewormed and they are sterilized. Wonderful animals that have had bad luck live in them and with whom we share our lives. These entities usually approximate the behavior of the animal quite well, something of great importance for our future coexistence.

In these spaces they will show us very clearly the advantages and disadvantages of owning an animal, no one better than they know the consequences of mistakes.

The pity is that good intentions and love for animals are not enough values to provide the quality of life that dogs deserve. There are many protective or similar that, trying to do good for the animal, do not make the animals happy and healthy. We have to make sure that it is a trustworthy association. Also bear in mind that no matter how much care they give them, they have too many animals and very few resources.

There is a wide variety of shops that sell live animals. Generalization always leads to errors, but my humble opinion is that there are certain stores that should not be open to the public. Some do not comply with regulations, others store animals as inert objects, many do not worry about avoiding contagions, etc.

These businesses must be supervised by a veterinarian (an essential requirement to comply with current regulations). Unfortunately, this supervision, in most cases, does not go beyond a simple signature of the professional to complete the initial procedures for opening the business.
The people who go to these stores are looking for a specific breed but the pedigree paper implicitly implies the realization of a huge leap of faith.

If we are going to buy from a pet store, we must inform ourselves about what type of sanitary guarantees they offer us (in writing), we must demand the delivery of the pedigree or its receipt at the time of purchase, the animal must be accompanied by its official health card signed by a registered veterinarian and the purchase invoice. With all these requirements and the supervision of a veterinarian we trust (who does not have commercial-contractual relationships with the store in question) we can be “almost calm”.

They are specialists and responsible for guiding the genetic improvement of the breeds . The problem is that it is extremely easy to become a breeder: if I have a male and two females and I meet some simple requirements … I am a breeder !!

Many are excellent people who have fought to improve some breeds and to prevent others from being lost, but they say it themselves: “anyone is a breeder here”.

In spite of everything, I believe that the breeder is the best option to acquire an animal if you are going to buy. If we decide on this option, it would be advisable to go accompanied by our trusted veterinarian.

The animal that a breeder offers us has not lost premature contact with its mother or siblings and is socializing with people in a safe environment. They are usually vaccinated and dewormed correctly, since carelessness would endanger the health and economic stability of the hatchery.

The sale of animals by individuals is illegal, let’s not participate in it

How can live animals be sold without any kind of control? What guarantees do you offer us? Are possible diseases that they can transmit controlled?

We are facing individuals who use their pets as an extra source of income. The dog is a mere instrument to get something very precious in our society: money.

What are there exceptions …? That we can find wonderful, very healthy and perfectly cared for animals? I do not deny it. But if the animal gets sick, if they don’t give us the promised pedigree … Who do we claim?

We should never go to a private individual, even if it is the best friend of an acquaintance of your cousin, we should not take the risk. We are buying a living being illegally.

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