FunIs it possible to get drinking water from the...

Is it possible to get drinking water from the air?

Even in the driest deserts there is water. This is found in the air and to collect it, it is enough to deploy a fine net at night to trap and condense the dew drops . This tactic has been perfected by scientists to supply water to the inhabitants of arid regions where, due to meteorological and topographic conditions, fogs form on the coast or in neighboring mountainous areas. Since 1992, the more than 330 inhabitants of the town of Chungungo, in Chile, have received 11,000 liters of water daily collected by the collector panels, large polypropylene meshes, installed in the nearby El Tofo mountain.

Norbert Räbinger, an environmental technician from Bremen, Germany, is working on the development of a new collector. This consists of an aspirator that passes the air through carbon filters capable of retaining the water molecules. In the morning, the filters are heated with solar energy, so that the water evaporates, and some condensers liquefy it again.

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