FunIs it true that plants have extrasensory perceptions?

Is it true that plants have extrasensory perceptions?

Plants lack a nervous system , emotions and – of course, like other living beings – any type of extrasensory perception . Of course, some quite bizarre "experiments" have been carried out to try to prove otherwise. Thus, in the 1970s, Dr. Cleve Backster, a member of the American Association of Polygraphists, decided to connect a plant to a lie detector. In his more than debatable work, Backster describes how at the moment when he was about to cut one of the leaves, the truth machine reflected a "fear reaction", which, in his opinion, proved that the plant possessed a some telepathic ability. Backster's wild conclusions were disseminated and supported by an army of pseudoscientists, including Peter Tompkins and Christo-pher Bird, authors of The Secret Life of Plants, a work in which they essentially claim that plant organisms are capable of reacting. before the different mental states of people with their own emotional responses.

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