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Laura Müller suddenly speaks English on Instagram – a new language should save a career

“Hello guys”, Laura Müller greets her followers in English. The influencer now seems to want to win over other fans. A new strategy to save your career?

Dinslaken / NRW – Laura Müller (20) finally wants to gain a foothold as an influencer * again. According to the wild corona theories of her husband Michael Wendler (49), the career of the former student has taken a sharp turn. But now the once successful influencer seems to be focusing on a new target group, reports RUHR24 *.

Laura Müller: Michael Wendler’s wife now speaks in English on Instagram

Because the 20-year-old now speaks her Instagram story in English instead of German. And so she let it be known in her story without further ado: “I am hoping you are good, I am really good today” (translated: “I hope you are fine. I’m doing very well today”). Then she held her new four-legged friend Tiger Wendler in the camera. The little black dog is a Labrador puppy who even has his own account on Instagram *.

“And here is my sweet, cute, little baby!” (Translated: “And here is my sweet, little baby!”), She welcomes the second, little, man in her house. But with her address in English it was far from over (all news about celebrities and TV from NRW * on RUHR24).

Laura Müller: Influencer and wife of Michael Wendler speaks about her shopping list in English

Because the shopping list was also read out obediently: “We go to the grocery shopping now. We need so many stuff, like milk, bread, bananas, you know? And then we go to the pet store for Tiger, he needs so many stuff, too. ”Translated, Laura Müller urgently needs milk, bread and bananas. And the tiger urgently needs to get a few little things from the pet store.

Video: Is the influencer Laura Müller even threatened with expulsion from the USA?

Information that Laura Müller would probably not have shared in German with her almost 600,000 followers on Instagram *. The influencer did not reveal the exact intentions about the sudden change in language. At least one thing is clear: For Laura Müller, as the wife of Michael Wendler, who repeatedly draws attention to himself with new legal proceedings or scandals, there are hardly any chances of finding German cooperation partners – and thus hardly any chances of a more or less regular income through social networks Platform.

Laura Müller und Ehemann Michael Wendler bei einem ihrer ersten Auftritte in der Tubinenhalle.


Laura Müller and Michael Wendler in September 2019. It was one of the couple’s first appearances. Less than a year and a half later, they can no longer be found in public appearances.

Laura Müller: New language on Instagram could be a new strategy for possible income

However, the 20-year-old, who herself lives in Cape Coral / Florida (USA), is so far a blank slate in her dream home country. So it is not at all unlikely that she is now looking for possible cooperation partners in America. Laura Müller seems to have at least mastered the English language – but it was only three years ago that she went to school. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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