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Laura Wontorra reveals: Your greatest wish for 2021 has already been fulfilled

Laura Wontorra spoke about her greatest wish for 2021 in an interview. The moderator has already been able to fulfill this.

Dortmund – If you follow Laura Wontorra (32) on Instagram, you will see the presenter in almost every photo with a big grin on her face. The daughter of sports reporter legend Jörg Wontorra (72) also has every reason to be happy. After all, the 32-year-old was able to fulfill her greatest wish for 2021 in May, as reported by RUHR24 *.

moderator Laura Wontorra
Born February 26, 1989 (age 32), Bremen
Spouse Simon Zoller (married 2016)
parents Jörg Wontorra, Ariane Wontorra

Laura Wontorra: The puppy “Milo” was her greatest wish for the year 2021

This is neither about her job as a sports reporter, which Laura Wontorra will continue with DAZN from the 2021/22 season, nor about moderating the Vox cooking show “Grill den Henssler”. Even husband Simon Zoller (30), whom Laura Wontorra surprised with special photos for her birthday *, only plays a minor role.

Laura Wontorra told Grazia magazine that getting a puppy was her big resolution for 2021. And Milo – that’s the name of the dog – is already an integral part of the family. This is proven by several photos in the moderator’s Instagram feed.

Laura Wontorra: Just like “Papa” Simon Zoller – the dog Milo is a fan of VfL Bochum

The sports reporter presented Milo to her fans for the first time on May 27th. “Hi Milo. I fell madly in love with you. Welcome home, ”she wrote to a photo of her sitting on the street next to the animal newcomer. Pictures of the cuddly basket of the four-legged friend show that Milo is lacking for nothing.

Husband Simon Zoller from VfL Bochum * also seems to have a say in the upbringing. Because in another photo, Milo is lying on the couch wearing a Bochum scarf. “Noble fan”, wrote Laura Wontorra about the picture.

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Your fans enjoy the photos of the puppy. “Will be trained right away, good dog,” writes one user. Another would like to see Milo on the pitch: “Would be a good striker. After all, has four legs. ”However, that could lead to a conflict within the family (more celebrity news * on RUHR24).

Laura Wontorra cannot imagine life without football – her dog can feel that too

Because the forward position at VfL Bochum is occupied by Simon Zoller himself – and with considerable success. The right-footed player contributed 15 goals and ten assists last season. It is not least thanks to him that first division football will be played again on Castroper Straße in Bochum in the coming season.

Laura Wontorra also seems to be looking forward to the start of the season. When Grazia asked what the presenter’s life would be like without football, she answered with just one word: boring. The enthusiasm for the favorite sport of the Germans is not the only thing that the Bremen native has inherited from Papa Jörg.

Video: Desire for children – Laura Wontorra speaks openly about her future plans

Because in the interview Laura Wontorra also revealed that she is particularly proud of her positive approach to life. She apparently shares this quality with her father. “With us Wontis, the glass is always half full.” Otherwise, readers will still find out about the most beautiful place in the world – at least if Laura Wontorra has their way: Sylt!

But that shouldn’t come as a real surprise to her Instagram followers. After all, the 32-year-old regularly posts photos from the North Sea island. In the end she only wrote: “Longing”. * RUHR24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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