SportLeave football alone!

Leave football alone!

Those who have power and those who want to have it take advantage of football because they know that as a social phenomenon, as powerful as it is defenseless, it is ideal to use as an instrument in the pursuit of their goals. The Government insists on holding the America’s Cup to put a distraction element in the situation and generate a sense of non-existent tranquility. In the other corner, those who carried out the riots in the Barranquilla parties last week did so in a premeditated way so that the world would see a chaos that only favors the few who violently want to divert attention from the peaceful and justified protest . In this scenario, soccer managers fish in a troubled river. They want to take advantage of it to look good with the Government, that is why they make the respective management so that they do not take away the Cup in Conmebol, and thus earn an immunity that they currently need (box office scandals, the disappearance of Cúcuta Deportivo, the non-opening of the First C or permanent breaches of footballers in different teams can only be contained with immunity).

But this is not from now or here. The World Cups in South Africa, Brazil and Russia, to name just a few, were played under social protests in their respective countries. There are common factors in all cases. “We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by the violent,” say the governments, while on the other side things are heard such as “there are more important issues to solve” or “football, as a sport of the people, has to show solidarity”, say those who want rise to power. Both sides kick the ball at will as a powerful element to fuel their populist discourses.

The truth is that the Colombian footballers did not ask for the championship to be suspended because they are communists or unionists or strikers. It is that it is demonstrated that these days there are no safe conditions to work. It’s that simple, with no ideas involved. The Copa América should not be played in Colombia. First, because the pandemic in our country is uncontrollable and doing it here would be to tacitly promote crowds in public places, as well as meetings in closed places, the main sources of contagion. Second because last week it was shown that the possibility of playing it under tear gas and stun bombs is high. This exposes all the people who have to do with the show.

What no one has done, nor will do, and should, is understand football as a sport that represents a beautiful scale of values on which we can look to begin to rebuild ourselves. Discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, opportunities for all without distinction of race or social class and simplicity. All that is needed to move a team forward and Colombia is a team to which we all belong. We should start by not staining the ball more than it is.

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