FunNature & AnimalMacaques make friends too

Macaques make friends too

macacos-amigosThemale monkeys of the species Macaca assamensisthey establish close and stable relationships with other males in their group with whom they are not related. These relationships are similar to those of friendship in human beings, and the motivation to maintain these ties is political in nature, according to an article published in the magazineCurrent Biology.

Oliver Schülke, from the Georg August-Göttingen University in Germany, and his team focused on studying the behavior of wild males of the Assam macaque family (Assamensis monkey), who live in Thailand. The study shows thatmales maintain social relationships with other males, spend time together, and groom each other. In addition, the scientists found that males with stronger bonds with other males tend to form coalitions that predict future social dominance. And that the strength of the males’ social ties was directly linked to the number of offspring they had. “For the first time we show that the fact of tHaving close friends makes males more successful in terms of social status and parenthood“the authors state.

“We have shown that the advantages of social relationships accumulate through the manipulation of one’s own and others’ relationships, and that is a good definition ofpolitics“, points out Schülke. According to the scientist,” these ties do not directly affect access to resources, but also help males to move up the social ladder and stay up there at the cost of other males losing their status. “

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