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Man pays a poor girl 1,200 euros for 12 mangoes so that she can go to school

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted school lessons to the internet worldwide. Also in India. Because an 11-year-old student there couldn’t afford a smartphone, she missed the online class. But instead of giving up, she took her fate into her own hands – and sold mangoes. With success.

Mumbai – A mango costs around two euros on average in German supermarkets, around four times as much, around eight euros, on the Munich Viktualienmarkt. The fruit, which originally comes from the area between Assam in India and Myanmar in Southeast Asia, is very popular with Indians. A ripened fruit costs around 1 euro in the markets in Mumbai. With an average per capita income of 130 euros, the mango is a luxury for many Indians; rather enjoyment – instead of food.

The businessman Ameya Hete from Mumbai, managing director of “Valuable Entertainment”, even had the fruit cost a three-digit amount per piece in mid-June this year: 100 euros. Not because it was a rare variety, but because he was deeply moved by the story of the girl who was selling the mangoes on the side of the road.

Mangoes for a smartphone

Eleven-year-old Tulsi Kumari from Jamshedpur in the state of Jharkhand only sold the mangoes for one reason: She wanted to use the proceeds to buy a smartphone * so that she could take part in school lessons, which are only held online due to the coronavirus. Since her father lost his job during the lockdown, he could not grant his daughter this wish.

Meanwhile, someone recorded a video of Tulsi showing the fifth year sitting on a sidewalk selling mangoes. The video went viral on social media, was picked up by local media, and eventually reached Ameya Hete, whose company develops software solutions for virtual distance learning. The businessman contacted the girl and bought 12 mangoes for around 1,200 euros – and also agreed to pay the full cost of Tulsi’s further training.

11 year old poor girl impressed rich businessman with fighting spirit

Tulsi is happy and grateful for the entrepreneur’s support and wants to become a teacher. “I bought a smartphone and will study hard,” the girl told the press, adding that she never thought that her mangoes would attract a wealthy businessman * from Mumbai to Jamshedpur. She said that she no longer had to sell mangoes.

Ameya Hete told The Times of India that he was impressed by Tulsi’s fighting spirit: “She did not blame her fate or beg for alms. So I say quite deliberately that I wasn’t doing any charity work here, but doing business with Tulsi. I bought mangoes from her. I say this not only to encourage them and to recognize the dignity of every job, but also to encourage others not to give up. ” * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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