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McLaren criticizes that there are 'B' teams in F1 and asks to eliminate them

Zak Brown is speaking bluntly ahead of the 2022 Formula 1 season. The McLaren CEO has criticized the stance of some teams regarding the budget cap and claimed that they are themselves responsible for the unclear regulations.

However, the American had not yet reached the end of his speech. In reference to the relationship between teams like Red Bull and AlphaTauri or Ferrari and Haas, Brown was quite negative.

“The threat of teams A and B is still a problem. It is very important that the category is stricter to avoid this, the current rules are very much in favor of teams B or clients. And that is not related to the principles of the F1”.

“We must be a group of real constructors fighting each other on equal terms. Formula 1 must be made up of ten real constructors, and each team must design and manufacture all the parts that influence performance, beyond share the power unit and possibly the gearboxes,” he added.

Analyzing the situation, Zak Brown believes that what is happening with the customer teams in F1 is starting to be worrying: “In short, the current situation allows the B teams to be too competitive against the real manufacturers, and also that the teams A are even stronger because of the advantages of having a B team.”

“Without there being no changes to that, that would mean that every team that wants to challenge for the title would have to have at least one B team. And that’s not part of what F1 is.”

Finally, the McLaren man criticized the way in which the big teams use their ‘subsidiaries’ for their own benefit in certain aspects: “The collaboration between these teams does not end in the exchange of parts. It moves to politics, since client teams often accept, voluntarily or not, the opinion of their suppliers”.

“The pressure Team A puts on their Team B in a vote is not in line with the goal of fair competition based on fair team performance. As I said before, and these teams won’t admit it, there are times when the more little ones will vote against their own interests to please the A-team.

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