LivingMen sweat more than women

Men sweat more than women

sudarJapanese scientists from the Human Performance Research Laboratory of Osaka International University have found that, during an exercise routine,women perspire less efficiently. The results of the study, published in the journalExperimental Physiology, imply thatwomen have a harder time coping with high temperatures, as sweat helps the body fight the heat.

In their experiments, the scientists asked 37 volunteers to pedal a bicycle continuously for an hour under controlled climate and with increasing activity intervals. The participants were divided into four groups: trained women, untrained women, trained men, and untrained men. And the rate at which they produced sweat was measured. The results showed that,Although physical training increased perspiration in both men and women, the increase was greater in men. In addition, the difference in sweat between the two genders became more pronounced as the intensity of the exercise increased.

Sweat is known to help the body perform more during exercise, as itaccelerates the cooling effect of the body. According to Yoshimitsu Inoue, who led the study, “It appears that women are at a disadvantage when they need to sweat a lot during exercise, especially in hot conditions.” “Women generally have less body fluids than men and are more easily dehydrated. “Inoue adds, suggesting that? the loss of less sweat in women could be aadaptive strategy to survive in a warm environment?.

The results could explain why men and women react differently to extreme temperatures, such asheat waves. But scientists say that regular exercise before a heat wave can help both men and women acclimatize better.

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