NewsMichael Wendler: Blackmail? Confession from ex-wife Claudia shocked

Michael Wendler: Blackmail? Confession from ex-wife Claudia shocked

Another argument seems to have broken out between Michael Wendler and his ex-wife Claudia. This time it’s about an alleged blackmail video.

NRW – Michael Wendler is anything but quiet right now. While he is fighting against the German judiciary, his first wife speaks up and makes a shocking confession, reports RUHR24 *.

Pop singer Michael Wendler
children Adeline Norberg

Michael Wendler: Ex-wife Claudia describes dramatic blackmail with videos

The pop singer actually wanted to start a new life in the USA. Instead, there should be an arrest warrant against Michael Wendler * in his home town of North Rhine-Westphalia. He is said not to have appeared on several court dates. He is apparently accused of “aiding and abetting the foreclosure”. But that’s not all that is currently burdening the 49-year-old.

Now his ex-wife Claudia Norberg speaks out with a shocking confession. Because, according to information from the picture, she should have been defrauded by $ 163,000, the equivalent of over 138,000 euros. The blackmailers are believed to have had clear videos of the couple that they threatened to release.

These videos are supposed to show Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg * at Techtelmechtel, she confirms to the picture in an email. “I’ve been blackmailed with videos of my marriage to Michael since the divorce and I’ve paid all the money to my blackmailer.”

Michael Wendler stunned by shock confession: “The greatest nonsense”

Claudia Norberg’s large sum of money is said to come from the severance payment she received after her divorce from Michael Wendler. Actually, the assets should go to their creditors, but according to information from the picture , the 50-year-old is said to have smuggled the money past them.

Your ex-husband therefore does not believe the incident. In the opinion of the controversial pop singer, the described incident surrounding the blackmail is “the greatest nonsense” he has ever heard, the picture quotes the 49-year-old.

Michael Wendler bei der Aufzeichnung einer TV-Sendung


Michael Wendler does not believe in the blackmailing of his ex-wife Claudia Norberg.

It remains to be seen who will be right in the couple’s dispute. Michael Wendler is already under criticism for his failed trial. But his former wife should not be a blank slate either.

Claudia Norberg: Michael Wendler’s ex-wife is said to have multiple criminal records

Michael Wendler’s ex-wife Claudia Norberg is said to already have a double criminal record *. In March 2018, the district court in Duisburg is said to have issued a penalty order. According to, she was accused of withholding tax information from the tax office in Wesel and of having shortened taxes.

She is said to have received a second criminal record shortly after participating in the RTL jungle camp in February 2020. The new accusation: “Thwarting the foreclosure in unity with bankruptcy in two cases and false affirmation in lieu of oath”. Michael Wendler is also said to have been involved (more celebrity news from NRW * at RUHR24)

When the record company, at which Claudia Norberg is said to have been managing director, went bankrupt in 2016, she is said to have transferred naming rights to her then husband. Thereupon the district court in Duisburg even demanded a one-year prison sentence. But she was able to bypass it – just like Michael Wendler has previously had his arrest warrant.

Claudia Norberg: restart of Wendler-Ex failed after RTL jungle camp

In addition, according to information from, she was insolvent, which is why Claudia Norberg took part in the RTL jungle camp as a candidate. The debts of the 50-year-olds should have been 2.8 million euros by the time they appeared on the show. The picture also confirms the bankruptcy of Michael Wendler’s ex-wife. The newspaper should have an insolvency report dated February 5, 2021.

To what extent the described blackmail with the videos of Claudia Norberg and Michael Wendler corresponds to the truth is not yet officially clear. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network .

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