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Michael Wendler: Trouble with an arrest warrant – does the pop star have a plan?

Michael Wendler is threatened with an arrest warrant in North Rhine-Westphalia due to a lack of a court order. So he may already have a plan to stay in the US.

NRW – The anger about the former pop singer seems to persist. Now there is talk of an arrest when entering North Rhine-Westphalia *. But the option of simply staying in the USA could have unexpected consequences for Michael Wendler (49), reports RUHR24 *.

Pop singer Michael Wendler
Born June 22, 1972 (age 49), Dinslaken
Spouse Laura Müller (married. 2020), Claudia Norberg (married. 2009–2020)
children Adeline Norberg

Arrest warrant against Michael Wendler: Pop singer again missed court process in North Rhine-Westphalia

Life in the USA is becoming more and more dramatic for the pop star from North Rhine-Westphalia and his wife Laura Müller (20) despite the addition of the family Actually, the new dog should bring some calm into the life of the celebrity couple. But now Michael Wendler is even threatened with arrest by the Dinslaken district court.

The reason for this: Michael Wendler should have appeared in person at the court hearing. But this was not the case. Therefore, those responsible have now initiated further legal steps and issued an arrest warrant against the 49-year-old. That could have other consequences for him.

Because of the arrest warrant, Michael Wendler should also have a criminal record, which would also have an impact on his life in the USA. Laura Müller’s career could also suffer from the arrest warrant. * Nevertheless, the former pop singer now has to face his fate. Just staying in America could be difficult.

Curious plan: does Michael Wendler want to become an American?

According to information from the picture , Michael Wendler should so far be able to live in the land of unlimited possibilities due to the so-called Green Card. The problem: This permit has an expiry date of five years and should therefore only be valid until spring 2022 (more celebrity news from NRW * at RUHR24).

One option for Michael Wendler is therefore to apply for American citizenship. But here, too, the 49-year-old could run into conflicts with the law. He could apply for this as early as November 2021, so that when the green card expires he would be a citizen of the USA. BUT: This is only possible as long as Michael Wendler does not have a criminal record.

Michael Wendler bei der Aufzeichnung einer TV-Sendung


Michael Wendler has trouble with the judiciary in Germany.

According to the picture , it could therefore be possible that Michael Wendler would like to postpone the threatened sentence of six months on probation and the court hearing to a later date. So he could apply for US citizenship beforehand. If this is approved, he could sit out the suspended sentence in the USA.

Trouble with Michael Wendler: Pop singer publishes statement on Telegram

A possible scenario with which Michael Wendler’s opponents would probably be anything but satisfied. According to information from the Rheinische Post (RP), he is accused of “aiding in thwarting foreclosure”. Specifically, this means that the 49-year-old should have put assets aside before his foreclosure.

According to the picture, the process should originally start in October 2020. But the date had to be postponed several times. Michael Wendler recently published a public statement on Telegram. In it he describes the allegations as “baseless” and stated that a negotiation would have been possible without him.

“My lawyer was given full legal powers. The issuance of an arrest warrant was therefore made for absolutely no reason and may only serve to create a mood and prejudice. ”Whether the 49-year-old really has to go to prison remains to be seen. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network .

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