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My bird is sick, how do we find out what is wrong with it?

As we have already said on other occasions, birds try to hide that they are sick so that their predators do not see them as easy prey, so they will have to be carefully observed daily. The moment we think something strange is happening to him, the most important thing is to go to the vet immediately. If not, your friend will try to endure as long as he can, enduring his illness in silence and in most cases the time it takes us to go to the specialized clinic since we appreciate a problem in the bird is vital.

When we already have time to go to consultation, can we help the professional? What data will you ask us for? What can I do to help my special colleague?
For a correct diagnosis of the problem there are several steps. Among the large blocks we can mention:

– Preliminary evaluation.
– Diagnostic techniques.

The owner will be the linchpin in the preliminary assessment

In the preliminary evaluation, the collaboration of the owner is very important, since he is the one who knows the animal best, the one who knows how it behaves daily, what its routines are and which ones are not, in short, the changes that make us suspect a disease.

Upon arrival at the clinic, the vet will conduct an exhaustive questioning in order to tie up as many ropes as possible. That is why we should ask ourselves the questions and possible answers before going to the clinic. But … what are those questions?

The professional will focus mainly on the following topics:

· Approximate age of the bird: the pathologies that can affect a young animal are not the same as an adult one.
· Whether or not the animal is in contact with other specimens and whether they are of the same or of a different species.
· Habitual environment of the animal: location of the cage, feeding, hygienic routines …
What are the symptoms that make the owner go to the clinic, since when do you notice them, what do you attribute them to …

When we have an answer to these questions, we will go immediately to the clinic but, if possible, we will try to get the animal to travel in its usual cage and without cleaning it. Many bird owners believe that carrying the dirty cage, with the excrement in the tray, is indicative of uninterested, dirty people … In fact the vet will be delighted, grateful, that we do not clean the cage of excrement. Let us bear in mind that a bird’s feces are one of the best indications of a problem and that it may be necessary to collect a sample to carry out a diagnostic test.

Once in the clinic, the professional will assess the attitude of the bird (alert, passive, non-reactive …), its posture, its external appearance … All these observations take time and are essential for the correct diagnosis. As soon as the professional begins to manipulate the animal, the previously observed data may no longer be appreciated.

The next step is the physical examination , for this the veterinarian has to catch and manipulate the animal. In this procedure, you will look at your body condition, senses, temperature, and other aspects such as the texture of your stool. But we will develop this topic in another article …

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