FunNature & AnimalNatural antiparasitics for dogs and cats: advantages

Natural antiparasitics for dogs and cats: advantages

With the rise of cosmetics, food and sustainable and natural ways of life in general, we also care about how we feed and care for our pets, and natural products specific to them are becoming more and more important. Our colleagues also deserve the best and nature provides what they need, without having to add unnecessary chemicals.

One of the most important products for the health of our pets (and by extension also for ours) are antiparasitics. First, you have to know that the most frequent parasites are fleas and ticks , and that to fight them we have several methods: shampoos, sprays, necklaces, pipettes …

Collars and pipettes are the most effective products to prevent the arrival of undesirable parasites since they act as a kind of “shield” that is quite effective. For its part, shampoos, sprays, lotions and others are perfect complements to the hygiene of the animal, but they are not enough by themselves in the fight against the parasite.

We have a wide range of products on the market, but not so wide when we want to use only those with natural ingredients . Unlike the former, these do not include any artificially developed elements in their composition. The great advantage is that we are preventing (since these products mainly have a preventive and repellent function ) the arrival of insects in a totally natural way, without the intervention of chemical elements that can cause side effects in the animal.

This great advantage leads us to opt more and more for natural products but, be careful, we must always go to trusted brands, which use ingredients that are truly effective against parasites. One of these ingredients is citronella , a very effective natural repellent for fleas, ticks, mites and lice, but there is also another very common which is margosa or neem, a natural insecticide that normally appears accompanied by geraniol (an oil and alcohol present in roses, geraniums, lemons and others) and lavandino oil , two other very effective natural repellants.

As we said, the pipette is one of the most effective formats against parasites. For cats, the Menforsan pipette with neem, geraniol and lavandin oil (three of the most effective natural ingredients) will be the ideal product, since it is of natural origin and works as a preventive and repellent. It is recommended to use a pipette every 30 days or so for effective action.

However, shampoo and spray are two methods that are also effective and can be used in a complementary way. In the case of dogs, Menforsan has its line with margosa, indicated for all types of insects and with preventive and repellent action. Its pH is adapted to the dog’s skin, so its frequent use is allowed. On the other hand, for both dogs and cats, Menforsan also has a line with citronella that will be very effective as a repellent.

Do you dare to switch to natural antiparasitic products? You will keep your pet protected and you will also be doing the environment a favor.

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