NewsNeo-Nazi march for "SS-Siggi": Police in Dortmund are alarmed

Neo-Nazi march for "SS-Siggi": Police in Dortmund are alarmed

On the day of the “funeral service” for the well-known neo-Nazi Siegfried Borchardt, the Dortmund police are expecting hundreds of neo-Nazis and counter-demonstrations.

  • After the death of a famous neo-Nazi from Dortmund, a funeral march will take place on Saturday (October 9th, 2021).
  • The Dortmund police are expecting 250 right-wing extremists from all over Germany to take part, as well as numerous counter-demonstrations.
  • The right-wing extremist known as “SS-Siggi” died at the age of 67.

Dortmund – With several emergency services, the Dortmund police will accompany a funeral march for the late Dortmund neo-Nazi Siegfried Borchardt * planned for Saturday afternoon (October 9th, 2021). In addition to 250 right-wing extremist participants, the police are expecting several counter-demonstrations inside the elevator that leads from the city center to the last house of the man known in the scene as “SS-Siggi”.

The aim of the mission is “to protect peaceful demonstrations, but also to act with all necessary consistency against criminals” announced the Dortmund police in a press release – a “special focus” for the emergency services will also be the “guarantee of unrestricted freedom of the press”. Due to the march, which neo-Nazis from all over Germany are expected to attend, traffic restrictions are to be expected in the Dortmund city center in the afternoon.

Right-wing extremist funeral procession for neo-Nazi “SS-Siggi” with multiple criminal records in Dortmund

Borchardt, who died at the age of 67, was one of the heads of the Dortmund right-wing extremist scene for a long time and was also known nationwide. For the smallest party Dierechte “SS-Siggi” sat briefly in the Dortmund city council in 2014, but resigned his mandate after only two months. In the 80s he was the leader of the right-wing “Borussen Front”, for the “Freedom German Workers’ Party” (FAP) he ran unsuccessfully in several elections. The FAP was banned in 1995.

Borchardt’s long criminal record lists, among other things, sedition, breach of the peace, property damage and dangerous bodily harm. Borchardt was always involved in neo-Nazi marches and also showed the Hitler salute – for this reason, for example, the Dortmund district court sentenced him to four months’ imprisonment in 2003 without parole. (ska / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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