LivingNobel Prize in Medicine for the father of

Nobel Prize in Medicine for the father of

invitroThe BritishRobert G. Edwardshas been awarded the awardNobel Prize in Medicinefor theirresearch on in vitro fertilization, which have revolutionized the treatment of human infertility and “have led to the birth of around 4 million people”, as announced by a spokesman for the Nobel Assembly of the Karolinska Institute.

In the 1960s, Robert G. Edwards began collaborating with the British gynecologist Patrick Steptoe to achieve thefirst fertilization of a human egg in the laboratory, outside the woman’s body. After fifteen years of research, they took the definitive step towards in vitro fertilization, which in1978 would lead toworld’s first test tube girl, Louise Brown, to which the chronicles of the time described it like “a healthy and plump girl”. Since then millions ofsterile couplesAll over the world they have used this artificial propagation technique with success.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine is endowed with 10 million Swedish crowns (1.1 million euros or 1.5 million dollars) and is awarded on December 10, coinciding with the anniversary of the death of the founder of the awards, Alfred Nobel . Among the favorites this year were the names of Shinya Yamanaka, the Japanese scientist who discovered how to generate stem cells from ordinary cells of the foot, and Jeffrey Friedman of Rockefeller University (New York), for his discovery of theleptin, hormone related to appetite and obesity.



Do you want to know more about the work of Robert G. Edwards? Do not miss the interview we did in VERY 15 years ago, in which he predicted:“In the future any male will be able to father, even without sperm”

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