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Nutrition in mice and rats, how should I feed them?

The mere mention of the name of these animals causes in many people an unstoppable panic … For them it is incomprehensible that someone could get to incorporate one of these “feared” beings into their home as a companion animal. But mice and rats can make nice housemates. In fact, rats are very loving and intelligent animals, who will be close to their human if you treat them well.

But let’s stick to the food field. Although we all directly associate rats with garbage and sewers, their food as a companion animal is far from what they obtain out of necessity in their lives in the wild.

Rats and mice are omnivores , this means that they can feed on everything.

Regarding the quantity, it is necessary to specify that they eat a lot and many times throughout the day. If they are very hungry they can become cannibals, so it is necessary to ensure the supply of food continuously.

These rodents should be fed whole foods marketed in specialized stores. Also, the mouse loves fruits and seeds and you can give them to him from time to time. He does not like vegetables very much and prefers cereals, wet bread and cookies, although we should not give him this in abundance.

You can give them nuts sometimes, but be very careful with the amount because these foods have too much fat and metabolic problems. Rats and mice, like other rodents, love nuts.

Normally the products prepared for these animals have a high percentage of pipes and our furry ones, who are very smart, take them and discard the rest of the food.

We must be careful so that they do not gain overweight as it would harm their internal health but it would also cause skin problems due to the friction of the belly with the ground.

Rats like practically anything, so in their natural state it is very easy for them to get intoxicated … They eat everything!

Both animals need a diet consisting of an amount that varies from 25 to 40% protein.

They both tolerate diet changes and don’t drink a lot of water

These two species tolerate changes in diets very well. They have no problem trying different things. Come on, they are the envy of cats and dogs.

Although in cartoons they make us think that cheese is the best food for rats and mice, reality tells us that cheese is not the most suitable for their diet and that it is not one of the foods they like the most.

Unlike hamsters, these animals do not need to cut their food into small pieces because they by nature already know how to crumble it to eat it. A job that you take off and an entertainment to see them maneuver with fruits, vegetables and others.

Rats and mice are animals that drink very little water, but this is not a reason to ignore them. You always have to offer them a drinker, one of those vertical containers that are hooked to the bars of the cage, with clean, fresh and freely available water.

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