NewsPellworm in the shadow of her sisters

Pellworm in the shadow of her sisters

The green North Frisian island of Pellworm leads a shadowy existence compared to its sisters Sylt, Amrum and Föhr. But does she even want to be in the spotlight?

Pellworm – When you think of the North Frisian Islands, you think of Sylt, Föhr and Amrum. And Pellworm? Have fewer people on the slip.

The fourth North Frisian island is not even the smallest, at least in terms of area. But when it comes to the number of holidaymakers and popularity, Pellworm stands in the shadow of her sisters. “It’s a shame that we always fall behind,” says spa director Sarah Michna. “It just doesn’t do the island of Pellworm justice if only the other three are spoken of.” Michna has been the spa director on Pellworm since 2018. The Allgäuerin wants to make Pellworm more visible, better known as a holiday destination.

The green island in the Wadden Sea

The tourism boom of earlier decades largely passed Pellworm by. The lack of a sandy beach probably also contributed to this. Because what many holidaymakers associate with a North Sea island – the white sandy beach – you will look in vain on the island. The beach chairs are on the dike – here called the green beach – and at low tide you can plunge into the mudflats instead of the waves.

And so it is much more contemplative on the around 37 square kilometer island than on Amrum or Föhr and even more than on Sylt. The number of guests and overnight stays on the green island in the Wadden Sea has increased in recent years: there were a good 185,000 overnight stays in 2019, compared to around 157,000 in 2016. But: On Sylt there are regularly more than six million Overnight stays were counted, around 1.8 million on Föhr and around 1.3 million on Amrum, which is only around 20 square kilometers in size.

Lots of cows and rest

There is no exciting nightlife on Pellworm, no pretty beach promenade and no miles of sandy beaches. However, no problems with traffic jams and too much car traffic, no big city blocks and huge luxury hotels. Instead, lots of cows and even more sheep. And silence. But silence doesn’t have to be a negative thing, Michna thinks it is a great asset.

You can slow down on Pellworm, says Michna. There is nothing artificial here, “that’s how the Pellworms live”. The guests could feel part of the island community. Some of the holidaymakers are already the third generation to come and have lived with the development of this island. “It really is like this: once Pellworm, always Pellworm – or never again.” Because you have to be good at Pellworm with yourself. There is hardly any outside fun or entertainment.

Little offers for young people

In addition to tourism, agriculture is the second major source of income on the island. And that’s a good thing, says Michna. There are enough holiday destinations where nothing is going on without guests. Nevertheless, Pellworm also has to and wants to develop further in terms of tourism. “Of course we have deficits, especially in the off-season,” says the spa director. And for young people, for example, there aren’t really many offers on the island either. “But I think we will find something that fits the island and is not attached.”

Great starry sky

One project with which Pellworm wants to attract guests, especially in the dark season, is recognition as an official star island. Pellworm wants to be registered as recognized star parks by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). Because it’s really dark on Pellworm at night. You don’t see a starry sky like this everywhere. “That suits us,” says Oliver Jedath from the Star Island Pellworm project group. And to the gentle tourism with cycling, nature and little hustle and bustle.

According to Michna’s will, there should not be large hotels, “300-bed castles” on Pellworm. “Because it wouldn’t do the island any good. But of course we have to allow development. ”Dpa

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