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Poison attack at a German university: several people in clinics – murder commission set up

They felt uncomfortable, extremities turned blue. Seven people at the TU Darmstadt were apparently intentionally poisoned. The condition of a student is now stable.

Darmstadt – KATWARN was triggered – after seven people at the TU Darmstadt with symptoms of intoxication were taken to the hospital on Monday. “The first people were brought to clinics around lunchtime with symptoms of intoxication, such as malaise and discoloration of the extremities,” said the police.

Then the police cleared the “L2.01” building on campus with a large contingent of police, fire brigade and ambulance service. All rooms were searched for food and drinks.

TU Darmstadt – milk packs and water containers poisoned

According to the current state of investigations, the police assume that during the crime period between Friday and Monday (August 20-23), “among other things, several milk cartons and water containers were mixed with a harmful substance”. The pungent smell of the liquids concerned should be particularly “noticeable”. Exactly which harmful substance it is still needs to be clarified. Other food and drinks that were on campus are also examined.

University suspected “poison attack”

The people at the Technical University of Darmstadt were apparently intentionally poisoned. “We are shocked by the obvious crime that occurred at our university,” said the President of the TU Darmstadt, Professor Tanja Brühl. “My condolences go out to those affected, who receive comprehensive medical care. I will contact you personally as soon as possible, provided your condition allows it. “

The TU also makes an urgent recommendation to all TU members as a precaution not to consume or prepare any beverages or food stored in kitchenettes or other rooms of the university in the next few days.

Poisoning at the TU Darmstadt – “Light” murder commission determined

Prosecutors are investigating the case for attempted murder. The police set up “the 40-member murder commission” light “to investigate the facts,” said the public prosecutor and the police in a joint press release on Tuesday. The homicide squad could also be increased in terms of personnel if necessary. “The investigations are currently in full swing and the police are doing everything they can to promptly identify who or those responsible,” it continues.

The Darmstadt public prosecutor made a statement to the press. “The substance is known,” said Attorney General Robert Hartmann. The investigators initially do not want to disclose which substance is involved. “But it is about perpetrator knowledge,” explained Hartmann. Whoever had access to the buildings of the TU Darmstadt at the weekend is currently being determined.

Vergiftung an TU-Darmstadt: Sechs Menschen im Krankenhaus - Student (30) im kritischen Zustand.


Poisoning at TU Darmstadt: Six people in the hospital – student (30) in critical condition.

TU Darmstadt – 30-year-old student was in mortal danger

Seven people who had previously had a drink or ate in the building came to the hospital on Monday with symptoms of poisoning. The health of a 30-year-old student was still critical, it said late in the evening.

TU Darmstadt – Police warn of poisoned food

The police and the TU Presidium advise not to eat or drink any food or drink that was stored in rooms on the Lichtwiese campus during the alleged crime period. Anyone who drank or ate something on Monday in building “L201” (Department of Materials and Geosciences) and feels uncomfortable or whose extremities are now bluish should seek medical help immediately. In the case of discoloration, one should not move as much as possible and call the emergency doctor immediately.

According to the police, there is currently no acute risk, the public prosecutor and the police announced on Tuesday (August 24). So far, no other people affected should have reported with symptoms or signs of intoxication. “Appeal Officials in this context, but on the personal responsibility of each individual and strongly recommend to consume only foods that can lead directly to himself and always were kept under supervision.” (Dpa / ml) Editor’s Note: This article was updated.

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