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Prince William: He had mental health problems as an air rescue pilot

Open words from Prince William: As part of his commitment to first aiders and first aiders, he reports on his own stress as a pilot in the British Air Force.

London – Prince William (39) shows in a short film solidarity with paramedics who are struggling with mental health problems due to the harrowing situations they are confronted with at work. Its aim is to provide more help for first aiders. From his time as a pilot in the rescue service, he knows the problems personally, as he openly admitted, reveals *

To protect himself, he had to build an internal wall. “I had to take myself away,” he admits in an interview with emergency worker Chloe Taylor (24) and paramedic Will Parish (27), whom he visited as part of a short film in their home in Reading. The rescue worker of the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, like Prince William *, initially chose to remain silent in order to cope with the horror that his job confronted him with on a daily basis.

Parish spoke about the discouraging time and fear with Covid patients who resulted in endless deaths layer after layer. “It was scary what we saw.” They would have come to terms with the fact that they became sick themselves.

The Duke of Cambridge, who worked as a search and rescue pilot for the Royal Air Force after his service, recalls his own challenges in the film. Especially when he was dealing with children, it left the father and husband of three Duchess Kate * (39) helpless. He didn’t want to burden his family. “I found it difficult,” he says. He withdrew. “It was very important to speak to someone after the incident,” continued the grandson Queen Elizabeth II. *.

Obviously some time passed before this realization, which with a corresponding offer of help for emergency helpers could possibly be significantly shortened as part of the training. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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