NewsPrincess Charlène of Monaco: New video raises new questions

Princess Charlène of Monaco: New video raises new questions

After the love story for the 10th wedding anniversary, another clip follows. What starts with a kissing scene ends with an appeal for donations and leaves a lot of question marks.

Monaco – In the run-up to the upcoming tenth wedding anniversary, Princess Charlène (43), who has been in South Africa continuously since January, posted professionally made videos of herself and the Prince on Instagram. The latest posting also raises questions. *

In the first film, Princess Charlène declared her love and gratitude for her twins Princess Gabriella (6) and Hereditary Prince Jacques *. You can see the length of time when the South African Charlène met Prince Albert II of Monaco (63) as a swimmer, up to the wedding and the birth of the two children. At the same time, Charlène said in touching words that she unfortunately could not be with Albert and the children and emphasized what support Albert was for her and how much she missed him and her children. So far, so strange.

The new video on Instagram leaves even more question marks. It shows the civil marriage of the royal couple and the distinctive kiss, which is so famous because it is so atypical for a happy wedding couple. He has often been described in the press as dispassionate. So why put this tense situation at the center of a clip? * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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