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Princess Charlène of Monaco – Prince Albert gives new details about her health

Princess Charlène of Monaco has been struggling with the consequences of an infection for weeks – and is stuck in South Africa. Her husband, Prince Albert II, gives details.

Monaco – The Monegasque princely house has had to deal with headlines around Charlène for weeks. The 43-year-old first had to undergo an operation in South Africa, which required general anesthesia. After some recovery, which enabled Prince Albert II to visit the family and the children Gabriella and Jacques, for example, she recently had to be admitted to a clinic again.

Charlène’s sister-in-law and spokeswoman for her foundation emphasized in a statement that it was not a collapse. However, the collapse was related to complications of the ENT infection, which made the operation necessary. “The cure just didn’t make the progress the doctors had hoped for,” Chantell Wittstock told the German Press Agency.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – Prince Albert gives details about her health

Prince Albert II of Monaco gave details of his wife’s health after Charlène’s operation – now he has done it again. During a visit to the Kiel Week, he was asked about it: “Under the circumstances, she is doing well,” he emphasized. Charlène “still has some investigations ahead of him,” said the monarch of Monaco. After the medical examinations, one knows more, Albert told the TV broadcaster RTL.

Fürstin Charlène und Prinz Albert II. von Monaco


Princess Charlène and Prince Albert II of Monaco at a tennis tournament in April 2016. (archive photo)

Albert’s statements coincide with those of the sister-in-law. In addition, Prince Albert II commented again on the rumors of any marital problems between Charlène and himself. One of his aunts recently announced that Charlene was not returning from South Africa. A divorce is imminent, she stressed. Princess Charlène had already cleared up the rumors and countered her critics. Albert did that too: “She didn’t go because she was mad at me or anyone else,” he told People magazine.

“She did not go into exile.”

Prince Albert II of Monaco about his wife Princess Charlène.

Charlène did not leave Monaco “in anger” to go into “exile”: “It was really just a medical problem that had to be treated.” A return of his wife is – logically – planned. The Princess had recently announced that the stay in South Africa could, however, drag on until October. For example, she recently missed the start of school for her two children. Charlène’s stay in Africa was planned for a maximum of ten days, Albert assured in an interview: his wife “flew to South Africa to check the work of her foundation down there,” said the 63-year-old.

In the conversation, the monarch also regretted not having commented on the rumors of marriage earlier. However, he emphasized that he had initially concentrated on “taking care of the children”. After the family visit to South Africa, for example, recordings became public that showed Albert with Gabriella and Jacques on a canoe trip in France. (do)

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