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"Princess Charming" (RTL): Candidate from Dortmund wants to set an example

20 dream women and a princess – for “Princess Charming” Irina hose the agony of choice. The candidates also include two athletes from the Ruhr area.

Dortmund – For many years, “Der Bachelor” (RTL) has been a format with high ratings. The show, where a man has to choose the “one” among 20 women, has already had a few offshoots. At “Princess Charming” (RTL), a woman is now looking for her great love, reports RUHR24 *.

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“Princess Charming” (RTL): Does Irina hose find her great love in Dortmund’s Tabi?

Lawyer Irina Schlauch comes from Cologne, is 30 years old and is looking for the woman of her dreams on the RTL show “Princess Charming” *: “I’m single and 30, it’s time for the dream woman to come,” Irina told RTL . Could the lawyer’s dream woman even come from Dortmund *? (all news about celebrities from NRW * at RUHR24)

Candidate Tabi from Dortmund is 25 years old and has a great passion: football. The athlete lives according to the motto “no risk, no fun”. In order to win the heart of Princess Charming Irina, Tabi relies on a strategy: “I will probably drive women crazy with my overall package,” she explains to RTL .

“Princess Charming” (RTL): Tabi from Dortmund wants to strengthen the lesbian community

The decision to take on the challenge of “Princess Charming” (RTL) was a conscious one. “It’s been seen many times that you can find love on a show – just because it’s an unusual path doesn’t mean it is objectionable. With ‘Princess Charming’ we can set an example on TV and also integrate the lesbian community in media terms, ”said the Dortmund woman.

Video: The first “Princess Charming” (RTL): THAT is what you have to know about Irina Schlauch

Strengthening the lesbian community and acceptance, that’s what Irina Schlauch would also like. “For me it is natural to be a woman who likes women, but for many homosexuality is not yet normal. ‘Prince Charming’ was a good trailblazer. The more diversity is shown on TV and streaming, the more normal it becomes for people, ”said the 30-year-old in an interview before the show.

Candidates from “Princess Charming” (RTL): Tabi from Dortmund and Jana from Dorsten want to fight

But Dortmund’s Tabi is not the only candidate from the Ruhr area who is fighting for the heart of the Cologne woman. Jana is 26 years old, is an office clerk and comes from Dorsten – and: the two Ruhrpott candidates seem to have some things in common. Just like Tabi, Jana lives according to the motto “no risk, no fun”.

And also Jana’s great passion: football. Above all, the 26-year-old wants to convince with her empathetic manner: “With the fact that I am very empathetic; I don’t judge people – I think this is a point of falling in love with me. ”Since the shooting for“ Princess Charming ”(RTL) was already a few weeks ago, Jana already draws an initial conclusion on Instagram.

“Princess Charming” (RTL): Irina hose from North Rhine-Westphalia is looking for her dream woman

“A journey that pushed me emotionally to my limits. A journey into the unknown. A journey full of happiness and full of tears. […] Part of it to add a sign for all people who are not heterosexual, “it says under a photo of the soccer player.

Die 20 Kandidatinnen von „Princess Charming“ (RTL).


The 20 candidates from “Princess Charming” (RTL).

Whether Tabi or Jana can conquer the heart of the “Princess Charming” Irina hose or whether a completely different candidate will win the race in the end, viewers can follow on the RTL streaming platform TVNow from May 25, 2021. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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