NewsQueen Elizabeth II: It's on her menu

Queen Elizabeth II: It's on her menu

What does a queen eat for breakfast? If you take a look at Queen Elizabeth II’s menu, you will discover some culinary surprises.

London – Queen Elizabeth II (95) has the best cooks who try to read her every wish from her lips. They serve the monarch delicious delicacies that land on the plate of Britain’s head of state every day.

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t swing the wooden spoon, but she’s in charge of the kitchen. The employees in the palace adapt the royal menu to the wishes of the 95-year-olds. According to the author Brian Hoey, the regent starts the day with the favorite drink of the British. In his book “At Home with the Queen”, Hoey reveals that Queen Elizabeth II treats herself to a cup of Earl Gray tea and a few cookies before breakfast.
24royal * reveals what Queen Elizabeth II’s menu looks like in the afternoon and evening.

This morning snack is followed by a slightly larger breakfast, which is served in the dining room. You can choose from yogurt, muesli and toast with jam. Occasionally Queen Elizabeth II is said to even use smoked herring – a breakfast preference that takes a bit of getting used to and which she is said to have developed at a young age. She also likes to eat fish at lunchtime, as her former chef Darren McGrady (59) reveals. The menu often features sole with spinach or chicken with a salad.

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