NewsQueen Silvia: Your office reveals some secrets

Queen Silvia: Your office reveals some secrets

If you are allowed to take a look into Queen Silvia's office, you should definitely take a closer look at the study. Real highlights are hidden in the room.

Stockholm – As her husband King Carl XVI. Gustaf (75) of course also has Queen Silvia (77) her own study, in which she takes care of some of her bureaucratic affairs and receives guests. Her keen sense of humor is also reflected in her office. * shows here which funny accessory is in Queen Silvia's office.

For Silvia von Sweden, after around one and a half years full of corona restrictions, normal everyday work with trips and state visits is slowly but surely starting again. Last week the Royals welcomed guests from abroad to Stockholm. King Carl XVI. Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria (44) & Co. were happy about the flying visit of the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (65) with his wife Elke Büdenbender (59). When Silvia is not in the service of the crown herself or accompanying state guests through the Swedish capital, she spends a lot of time in her office in the royal palace. There are things there that one might not necessarily suspect at first in a queen's study. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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