NewsRare photo: Lost wolf pup is in a tricky...

Rare photo: Lost wolf pup is in a tricky position

A wolf pup got into a very precarious position while on the run. The animal was stuck in a fence.

Dresden – The wolf pup wanted to flee from a person in a property. But the animal got stuck on a fence. It could not go back or forward. The wolf puppy had apparently got lost in the Dresden district of Langebrück on Thursday morning. The Wolf department of the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG) announced on Thursday. In the press release, the LfULG published a photo of the little wolf in its very tricky position.

The police were informed immediately. “A hunter called in contacted the local veterinarian who was finally able to free the puppy from the fence.”

Dresden: Lost wolf pup is stuck in the fence

At first it was unclear whether the puppy had found its way to the heather about 200 meters away. In the meantime, further sightings have been reported to the specialist office. An employee of the specialist department could not see the wolf anywhere in the district in the late morning. According to their own statements, the experts assume that the puppy is back in the heather.

“It rarely happens that a wolf gets lost in a place”

In the course of the wolf incident, the specialist department points out that wolves generally keep passing or crossing localities on their forays. “It seldom happens that a wolf gets lost in a place. Wolves are very cautious animals, ”said the wolf experts. And further: “They usually perceive people with their well-trained senses at an early stage and usually dodge before they are even noticed.”

What to do if you meet a wolf

Experts recommend that anyone who encounters a wolf should behave calmly and not corner the animal. Anyone who discovers a wolf on his property should offer the animal an escape route and not press it if possible. Usually the wolf turns around and moves away.

A wolf sighting made headlines in Bavaria. A video circulated on WhatsApp that showed a mighty gray animal trotting through green meadows. (ml) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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