I do not remember a call more anticipated than the one that was published on Tuesday night by the Colombian Football Federation. A decisive double date is coming for our aspirations to continue with the healthy habit of going to the World Cups, after the great blow received last year against Uruguayans and Ecuadorians. Now we will visit Peru in Lima on Thursday June 3 and we will receive Argentines on Tuesday 9, if things improve in terms of public order in Barranquilla.

The main novelties on Reinaldo Rueda’s list are the first-time Carlos Cuesta and Baldomero Perlaza, who have a high level in their clubs. Cuesta has been a starter at Genk in Belgium for years and Perlaza shows a great display at Nacional. The returns of Yairo Moreno, key to the entire left wing in the Mexican Lion; his league partner, Óscar Murillo, from Pachuca, who was a full member in the Pékerman era and who, due to his left-handed profile, offers alternatives; the most anticipated return, that of Rafael Borré, who in River has scored many goals and was practically ignored by Queiroz who called him to barely say hello to lunch at the concentration, and the most controversial due to the reaction in networks, Sebastián Pérez, who Since the 2016 Copa América I had not seen the yellow jersey and today it was a good success in the Portuguese Boavista. Gustavo Cuéllar lost in Saudi Arabia is also one of the reinserted and the citation sticks, ignored for practically two years.

Juan Fernando Quintero, who recently reappeared, and Miguel Borja, scorer in the Junior, did not enjoy the “palomazo” since the Russian World Cup. Juanfer’s left-handed man can never be underestimated if he is playing like this in the conchinchina and less with the physical instability of James Rodríguez, who acts in three games a month with unfortunate luck.

In short, three goalkeepers arrive, four full-backs, including Moreno and Tesillo, four central defenders, six front-line midfielders, three second-line players and six forwards. He did not cite Falcao, which is obviously striking. You may be thinking of giving him more time to recover from his ailments, but a current scorer of his characteristics will always be needed and will be missed. Should he have looked more for the local championship with how bad things are for us on the continent? Suddenly Campaz, Arango or Chaverra would have to be approached, but not many more. Did you lack more natural extremes, Villa or Sinisterra? Despite the limited time and training sessions, Rueda will have several training options with this team. Be careful, do not rule out defense of three central centers or that he plays with two forward forwards, yes, as has always been his feeling and taking into account that he called six half centers, he is not going to grant advantages in containment. Good luck to the Valle del Cauca, we need to correct the path now.

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