SportRoma works on the signing of Cristiano: "July 7...

Roma works on the signing of Cristiano: "July 7 could be the day"

Will Cristiano sign for Mourinho ‘s Roma? Today they are all rumours, but these are becoming louder and now people linked to the Italian club are speculating on the hiring of the Portuguese star. There is even talk of a hypothetical date of the official announcement.

“I know from various sources that Roma are trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and July 7 could be the date of the announcement. It is an indiscretion, but it circulates insistently in the world of football. By chance I spoke with a friend who works on television and who found out about the negotiations for Cristiano from an important club manager at a dinner a few days ago. These words came from the mouth of former Roma player Angelo Di Livio, who dropped the bombshell in an interview from Italy.

Another former Roma player, Fabio Petruzzi , also speculated that Cristiano might end up signing for Roma. “I know from a good source, from a very reputable person, that Roma is trying to get Cristiano Ronaldo by all means. Details will have to be ironed out, due to image rights, but I know he will leave United,” he said.

Di Livio’s words in an interview with Retesport have increased the rumors about Cristiano’s possible signing with Roma. It is even speculated because the day of the announcement, July 7, would be related to the footballer’s emblematic number. We will see what happens since, like United, Roma will not play the next edition of the Champions League either.

no offers

Eduardo Inda advanced exclusively in his weekly visit to El Chiringuito de Jugones that Cristiano Ronaldo does not have offers and this could mean that he stays at Manchester United for another season. It must be taken into account that the Portuguese receives around 30 million net a year, an amount only accessible to a few teams.

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