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Rudy and Barclay, the duck and the dog who are best friends

Barclay is a golden retriever whose best friend is a duck named Rudy . The truth is that when they are together they do not stop chasing each other, climbing on top of each other or pecking (courtesy of the duck). However, they cannot live apart.

Pam Ishiguro is the proud owner of Barclay, Rudy, the dog Izzy, and six other ducks. What a fauna! At first, the dog didn't pay much attention to the ducks until he realized that his food was delicious . It is not surprising that the golden retriever loves to steal the food of others since this breed of canids is especially gluttonous and prone to being overweight.

Since 2013 the duck and dog couple have a very special friendship. Barclay sniffs Rudy's butt and the duck enjoys rolling over the dog and pecking him, a symbiotic relationship where they exist even though the duck is the boss . "Rudy is definitely the alpha duck," says Ishiguro. "The other ducks know that Barclay is their best friend," he adds. In fact, if someone gets too close to the golden retriever, Rudy will attack them without warning.

A curious fact that Ishiguro points out is that the rest of the animals in the house do not want to play with Rudy and Barclay so for them better than better, so they do not have to share their affection with anyone else.

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