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Savannah cat: curiosities and care of the impressive cat – Size

It may seem like a small wild beast , but the reality is that it is an ordinary cat. The impressive-looking savannah cat is a fairly recent feline breed: it seems that the first specimen appeared in 1986, the result of the cross between a domestic cat and an African serval cat, a wild cat from the African continent, hence the name of savannah. The result was this peculiar cat with a medium and slim body, somewhat larger than a common cat and with long legs.

Being a relatively new breed, although already officially recognized by the TICA (The International Cat Association) in 2002, we know little about its characteristics and behavior, but we do know that it is an agile cat, very active , awake and curious and a great jumper. and that its physical appearance is a mixture of the characteristics of the domestic cat and the wild cat. It is curious that, despite coming directly from a wild cat, its character is more similar to that of the domestic cat: it is affectionate with its humans and in principle (although there are still few references) it is not problematic.

It is still a breed in the process of perpetuation and settlement, and it is still difficult to find it outside the United States, its place of origin. One of its most notable characteristics is its large size : it can weigh up to 23 kg, which is a lot for a cat, which is why this part has been considered for some time one of the largest feline breeds in the world.

As a curiosity, the savannah cat likes water and going outside, so it has a certain tendency to escapism. This is so due to their wild genetic inheritance , so there is some controversy as to whether this type of crossbreeding (and its perpetuation with human intervention) is acceptable or is simply a game of the human being to create new races.

In any case, it seems that the savannah cat is not a cat that adapts poorly to the domestic environment, but it can become a somewhat dominant and territorial animal. If you want to know more about this peculiar feline breed, we tell you some curiosities in the following gallery:

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