NewsSmall plane pulled out of sea after crash

Small plane pulled out of sea after crash

A small plane manned by four people crashes into a lake shortly after take-off. All inmates can be rescued, but there are seriously injured.

Sulzberg (dpa) – One day after a small plane crashed into a lake in the Allgäu, the machine was rescued from the water on Monday. Two people were seriously injured and two other inmates were slightly injured in the accident on Sunday afternoon.

The plane crashed and sank shortly after taking off in the Öschlesee near Sulzberg. The rescuers were able to rescue the victims with rubber dinghies and bring them ashore.

On Monday morning, divers first began to examine the wreck, which was about eight meters deep. First, it was considered whether a helicopter could lift the aircraft out of the lake, as police spokesman Holger Stabik said. Ultimately, however, the machine was lifted to the surface with an airbag and then pulled to the bank with a winch.

The 38-year-old pilot took off from the nearby airfield in Kempten-Durach on Sunday. According to initial investigations, the single-engine small aircraft could not gain any height. After the machine had crossed the Autobahn 980, it crashed into the lake in the Oberallgäu district.

It was initially unclear whether the pilot consciously chose the lake for an emergency landing or involuntarily fell into the water. Stabik said there were testimonies that the machine had made one more lap across the lake. This could indicate that the pilot made a conscious decision to ditch. The slightly injured 38-year-old should still be questioned about the accident.

The police did not want to participate in speculation. “We can’t rule anything out,” said the police spokesman. The Kempten criminal police took over the investigation and is supported by an expert from the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation.

On board the machine were three men and one woman between the ages of 27 and 38 years. One inmate was initially in mortal danger after the accident, but the state of health had stabilized by Monday. The 27-year-old woman was also seriously injured. In addition to the pilot, the fourth occupant was also slightly injured.

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