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Smoking bans in outdoor restaurants could soon become a reality in Germany

Will the smoking ban in outdoor catering also come in Germany? In any case, there are mind games for smoke-free outdoor areas in beer gardens, pubs and bars.

Hanover / Berlin – The smoking ban in Germany is not a new concept – but it is in outdoor catering in restaurants, pubs and bars *. Smokers in this country would have to get used to it first. At that time, the smoking ban in gastronomy in 2007 caused a real outcry that shook the industry to the core. Doomsday scenarios for the corner pub caused fear and horror. reveals who is calling for the smoking ban in German outdoor restaurants and how it could be implemented

In the meantime, there is a more or less strict tobacco ban in pubs in all federal states and most of the bars are still open. Even Lidl recently banned tobacco products from its shelves *. But what if you weren’t even allowed to smoke in the beer garden in the future?

The scenario doesn’t seem that unrealistic. Because in other countries one is already working on an implementation: for example in England. Several cities are working there to ensure that smoking disappears from outdoor dining. As the Guardian wants to know, New Zealand is also working flat out to ensure that the country is smoke-free by 2025. Instead, the state has thought about a new ban, which is hard to beat in terms of its uniqueness in the world.

If the government has its way, no one born after 2004 should be able to buy cigarettes. This is to ensure that young people are tempted to become dependent on cancer stalks. * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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