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Spaniards are increasingly committed to pets

The study shows the figures of the most important topics about the world of pets: the most popular breeds, the time we spend with them, care, socialization … The research, carried out by the online commerce Tghanimal, has been divided into three segments: the owners area, the veterinarians area and the animal protection area, detailing the most relevant figures in each one of them.

The results, presented yesterday by three of the company’s leaders, have revealed quite encouraging figures. One of them: 53% of the Spaniards with pets interviewed declare that they have adopted their pet or one of them, which shows the rise in awareness of responsible ownership and awareness of abandoned animals and in vulnerable situations. Of all the humans who live with a furry one, 26% have answered that their dog or bitch is mongrel, which represents the majority of the spectrum of dogs in the country and mestizos are followed by two races above all: the Yorkshire and the farmers (5% each).

Regarding the time we spend with them, 43% dedicate about 3 hours a day and most of those surveyed have declared walking with their dog three times a day, reaching 5 hours for 14% of those questioned. It is not a bad number.

For more joy, 37% of the owners commented that they collaborate in some way with associations , “even if it is disseminating on social networks,” Rafael Martinez-Avial, CEO of Tíanimal, commented at the press conference.

Regarding care and maintenance, the study has made it clear that Spaniards with pets spend about 1,198 euros a year , of which 332 are used for veterinary expenses, 86 on accessories and toys and 780 on food.

As data that needs to be improved, it stands out that the associations remember that they are still financing themselves and that their biggest problem lies in financing, their main sources of income being donations from volunteers. Manuel Calvo, events director and director of the Trendenimal educa project, comments that dogs are the most adopted animals but also the most abandoned and that to those people who want to acquire an animal “I invite you to visit a shelter first, so that you know what happens there, what those responsible for the place and the situation of the animals have to deal with. “

In addition, in the veterinary field only 1% of those surveyed go to the clinic to carry out preventive checks on their animal, something that can actually save them from many diseases, and 38% only visit the veterinarian when it is urgent or for vaccinations. Veterinarian Susana Vicario commented at the press conference that her objective with these data is that “people are left with the fact that they have to visit the veterinarian when the animal is healthy to do preventive medicine.”

On the other hand, there is 8% of the population who admit that they do not attend them for an hour a day and there are some of them who do not take their animal for a walk, in the case of dogs.

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