Ratko Mladic: Hague confirms life in prison for 'butcher of Srebrenica' for heinous crimes

The Hague confirms life in prison for Ratko Mladic, the 'butcher of Srebrenica' for his heinous crimes against humanity


Monkeypox in Germany: RKI confirms infection in girls (4)

After two young people were infected with monkeypox last week, the first case in a child has now become known.

“This is manipulation”: Parents often give false praise to their children

“Super”, “Great”, “Great”: many parents value praising their children often. But this can be detrimental to the child's development.

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Horner doubted Jos Verstappen: "I had heard horrible stories"

Red Bull boss Christian Horner spoke about Jos Verstappen and his role in his son Max's racing career since joining the team in Formula 1.

Minimum wage, compulsory vaccination and fuel discount: These are the changes in August 2022

There are some changes coming in August 2022. The 9-euro ticket is about to expire, students are to receive more money and gas is to be saved: an overview of the innovations.