Sarah Lombardi

Lightning wedding! Sarah Lombardi and her Julian both adopt new names – and make further announcements

Sarah Lombardi married her fiancé Julian Büscher. Her new name comes as a surprise - the singer has also announced something new for her job.

Lightning wedding with Sarah Lombardi: The singer and her Julian surprise with new surnames

Sarah Lombardi married her fiancé Julian Büscher. Your new name comes as a surprise.


Muscle man: Pocher slap Fat Comedy unrecognizable after diet

The TikTok star "Fat Comedy" publicly gave Oliver Pocher a slap in the face. He shows himself changed: Comedy has lost weight and shows his muscles.

For her 18th birthday: Shania Geiss celebrates for three days with 500 euro champagne

Shania Geiss just celebrated her 18th birthday. There was also a big party with expensive champagne. Robert, Carmen and Davina were there too.

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