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The 10 animals with the most memory on the planet – At number ten, the fish

The human being is one of the species with the greatest memory capacity. Our ability to remember distinguishes us from other animals. However, although we can store information in the short and long term and retain it in our subconscious, sometimes we also forget where we have left the house keys or the name of the street where we have parked the car.

For this reason, numerous scientific studies indicate that this ability is not exclusive to human beings, since there are animals with a memory similar to ours that are capable of remembering their loved ones for years , even if they have not had contact. In fact, some species also have a better short-term memory than ours – such as cats – so we are not so different from them.

Other animals, on the other hand, process information differently from human beings, since they do not have an episodic memory –which is what allows us to retain the information– but rather associative. Despite this, they are able to remember and assimilate certain concepts and actions. In addition, the brain of some animals is prepared to recognize important data from other species. Thanks to urine traces, the elephant can recognize the direction in which another elephant is going or if it is in good health, even if it does not belong to its group.

Similarly, some species learn by observation . Cats memorize through this method, watching their mothers hunt, wash, or feed. For this reason, they quickly remember some of your actions, such as how to open the kitchen cabinet or how to close a door.

Other animals, like the octopus, have two memories instead of one. These are connected to each other but separated. In addition, they have from 100 to 500 brain cells , which makes them one of the invertebrates with the most memory and intelligence. If you want to know which are the animals with the greatest memory capacity, or if that of ‘fish memory’ and ‘elephant’ is a myth, do not miss the following gallery.

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