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The 10 most popular mastiff breeds: curiosities – Spanish or Leonese Mastiff

The mastiff is one of the most popular and well-known dogs. In Spain, we also have two large specimens of this group of breeds: the Spanish or Leonese and the Pyrenean Mastiff. In general, all mastiff variants share certain characteristics, such as head shape, large size, and strong musculature.

Mastiffs have traditionally been working and herding dogs, and great companions of nomadic tribes, in the case of some of them. For this reason, they have a highly developed protective and guardian instinct, which sometimes, if they are not well socialized, can lead to great distrust towards strangers.

However, in general, most mastiffs have a very noble, obedient and faithful character. They are also intelligent and easy to train, due to that innate nobility, and they tend to get along very well with all members of the family, but especially with children, with whom they enjoy playing and protecting them.

They are very good guardians, which is why they are the dog of choice for most families who live in more remote or rural areas. His innate instinct for protection and his loyalty to his loved ones make him an unbeatable guardian, but let’s not forget that he is also very affectionate and that his place is also with the family.

Despite the fact that they all carry the nickname of mastiff, a distinction is usually made between two types of mastiff breeds: the indigenous ones of each region (such as the Afghan or the Kashmiri, for example), which have evolved over years of herding and treatment with the cattle, and the amastinado, like the Spanish, whose evolution has eliminated those typical characteristics of the shepherd dog.

In addition, the distinction between breeds is difficult, as they have so many characteristics in common, but also because some of them have been little domesticated, as is the particular case of the Afghan Mastiff, of which little is known, since it remains as a sheepdog in regions more secluded.

If you want to know more about the different types of mastiffs, we bring you the best known and some of their most notable characteristics:

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