SportThe Cup of Stubbornness

The Cup of Stubbornness

It has been proven that FIFA and its confederations, in this case Conmebol, which is the one that governs South American football, are more powerful than local governments, who take advantage of them whenever they can.

The organization of the Copa América, for example, leaves nothing more to the organizing country than what is moved by tourism and the good image that is generated. The money that comes in for television rights is for Conmebol and what is collected at the box office (if there is an audience) goes to the coffers of the local federation. That is to say, this Copa América will not leave anything to the country. You even have to make tax exemptions for Conmebol for all concepts.

President Duque said last week that it is absurd to think about canceling the America’s Cup, in another demonstration of how far it is from reality. The country is on something else, but the Government needs a mat to lay on the dirt of the current chaotic situation. Not in any other way can such stubbornness be explained.

The bad news for the president is that last week Conmebol showed that it will not shake its hand to take away the headquarters of Colombia if the public order situation does not improve before a couple of weeks. The fact of having made Colombian clubs travel to play their home commitments for the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana in Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru, for fear of some public order situation that would prevent the normal development of the matches, without any sensitivity or compassion for soccer players or Colombian sports institutions, it shows.

It is known that in Luque, the headquarters of Conmebol, there is an emergency committee working hard in the event of having to do the Cup in Paraguay, the country from which the all-powerful president of the entity, Alejandro Domínguez, is a native, who has demonstrated with luxury of details that Julio Grondona was an apprentice next to him.

Conmebol is a money-making machine and it will not have the luxury of losing what is going to come in through television rights or the few sponsorships that exist. Nor are they going to breach contracts with them, whatever happens.

The Copa América will be a source of contagion throughout the continent, because the best excuse to hold meetings in closed venues is to see the national team of each country. This, in such difficult times on this side of the world due to the pandemic, is lethal. But that is not a problem for the football family.

The fact is that the Cup is going to be done because it is going to be done, in Colombia or anywhere in the world. Of course, President Duque will not be the one to decide whether to do it here or not.

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