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The dangers of leaving the dog tied at the door of stores

Sadly, it is very typical, at least in our country, to leave the dog tied up while shopping at the supermarket or having a few beers or a cup of coffee at the bar. What many times dog owners who do this do not think is that their beloved dogs are at the mercy of unscrupulous people who can steal their pet. The reasons for the theft can be diverse and, we insist, real, such as that your furry is of race and they want it to breed or sell it, that they want to use it for dogfighting, to hunt or because they simply passed by, they liked your furry and decided to take it home.

But leaving the dog tied outside has even more risks for the animal. There are dogs that get very nervous and suffer anxiety when left tied, to the point of being able to strangle themselves from so much pulling. If, on the other hand, they manage to escape, they can cross the road and be run over, run away and get lost

In addition, leaving a dog tied up in summer is forcing it to suffer the harmful consequences of high temperatures: malaise, dehydration and even heat stroke. In winter it can rain on you and get cold.

Given all these dangers, the most sensible thing is that if you want to have a drink in a bar, or make sure that your furry can enter or better leave it at home. Also when you go to make the purchase, do not leave him out, take him home where he will be safe.

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