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The first effects of the media signing of Alonso by Aston Martin

The news of the summer in Formula 1 has been, without any doubt, the signing of Fernando Alonso by the Aston Martin team, and that is that the withdrawal of Sebastian Vettel at the end of the current season has caused a complete imbalance in the game of the silly season in the highest category of motorsport.

The driver from Oviedo’s announcement came just a few hours after he saw the checkered flag at the Hungarian Grand Prix, where Alpine boss Otmar Szafnauer had stated that they were sure the two-time world champion would renew with the team. French. As they recognized at Enstone, “only ten minutes were necessary” to convince Alonso to stay in 2023, something that the driver himself also said, but everything changed over the weekend at the Hungaroring track.

The confirmation of the Spaniard’s move to the Silverstone team came as a surprise, and that generated a stir on social networks, where they announced the signing. Proof of this is that the publication generated benefits in terms of impact to the public of 397,600 dollars [390,560 euros at current exchange rates] for Aston Martin through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, according to MVP , a software from a leading American company in measurement and valuation of data from the sports and entertainment industry.


This is the publication with the most impact of the week between July 28 and August 3, which has greatly increased the social value of the British team that Fernando Alonso joins.

The free gap that he leaves has also caused the start of a legal dispute between Alpine and McLaren over Oscar Piastri , and that is that the French confirmed the Australian as the starting driver for the 2023 season, but the young man from the French academy denied that he had signed any contract that will link him to Formula 1. Despite the fact that Woking has not yet made a statement, has learned that they are talking with Daniel Ricciardo to terminate his contract early and be able to sign his compatriot to become in companion of Lando Norris.

Be that as it may, there is no official confirmation by any of the parties, and we will have to wait for the FIA lawyers to act to know the outcome of the soap opera that began the withdrawal of Sebastian Vettel and the media signing of Fernando Alonso by Aston Martin .

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