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The locomotor system of our cat, how does it move?

The locomotor apparatus of cats gives them their special ability to become almost perfect hunting machines and an organism capable of facing extreme circumstances . Therefore, the good health of these parts of the body will be vital for the survival of this animal, especially if it lives outside a warm home.

To obtain this capacity, an excellently shaped bone structure has been combined with a great capacity to adopt difficult postures (you only have to see them when they take a nap) and a powerful musculature that allows a fast race and spectacular championship jumps.

The nervous system is key to the work of the locomotor system

But a highly trained skeleton and musculature could not perform their function at maximum performance if they were not coordinated by a nervous system prepared for high performance.

The skeleton of the cat provides it with its special shape, gives protection to its most sensitive structures and provides it with enough lightness to function at the same time with speed and stealth. Who had it!

Among the particular characteristics of feline bones we can refer to its extremely mobile spine and the ability of its forelimbs to perform all kinds of movements, among other enviable aspects.

In the case of the spine, the movements are wider due to the fact that the union between the vertebrae is less rigid than in other animal species and with regard to the great movement capacity of the forelimbs, we can say that it is due to the capacity of pronation and supination (turning the claws up or down) of its forearm and the absence of clavicle (only a small reminiscence of said bone is present) that allows the feline to reach very distant areas of its body with its claw (tuned) and facilitates complex movements in the hunt.

The hind limbs are much less mobile but, nevertheless, the exact length of their long bones together with the power of the muscles and joints of the hind limbs allow these animals to perform jumps of several times their height.

Finally, we must refer to the cat’s tail, a refined chain of vertebrae that allows the animal to enjoy an enviable balance. The cat uses its tail to balance its movements in such a way that, when it jumps, it uses it as a steering wheel to change the direction that the whole body is taking in the air and prepare for landing.

On the other hand, the musculature of the cat would be comparable to that of an athlete specialized in speed tests, since it has strong, fibrous, not bulky muscles …

The kittens regulate in an impeccable way the movements of their muscles to the responses of their brain, adapting to the environment and the circumstances of that moment.

In conclusion, the muscles of a feline have been designed to allow it to make explosive, rapid movements, movements that must produce results in very short periods of time, a fact that makes it a master of the hunt.

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