NewsThe switch to e-cars will cut jobs at Bosch

The switch to e-cars will cut jobs at Bosch

The automotive industry is betting everything on electromobility. The supplier Bosch has to keep pace with this too. But the mobility transition also has its downsides.

Stuttgart – The mobility transition is already in full swing. Daimler AG, for example, does not want to build any more combustion engines from 2030. Auto supplier Bosch is also feeling the effects of the switch to electromobility. So far, the Stuttgart-based company has generated a large part of its sales with combustion engines. But even Bosch cannot stand up to change. "Electromobility is becoming a core business for us, and CO2-free mobility is becoming a growth area," said Bosch manager Volkmar Denner recently. But the switch to e-mobility also has disadvantages for Bosch – especially for many of the Group's employees.
As BW24 * reports, the switch to electric cars will cost a lot of jobs, according to the Bosch boss.
Because, as the future Bosch boss Stefan Hartung explains, the production of parts for e-cars requires fewer staff. But the Bosch boss already has a plan for how jobs can be saved. * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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