LivingThe world map of happiness

The world map of happiness


Quantifying happiness is not an easy task.Using data obtained in the Gallup World Poll between 2005 and 2009 in 155 countries around the world, a team of researchers last year developed a ranking taking into account the degree of satisfaction of people with their lives . They also rated daily experiences such as whether they felt rested, respected, lived without pain, and considered themselves intellectually stimulated. They also valued indicators of prosperity .

The result, now collected on this map by, shows that the happiest in the world live in Europe (green) and are the inhabitants of Denmark (82%), followed by Finns (75%), Norwegians (69%) , Swedes (68%) and Dutch (68%). New Zealand and Australia also occupy high positions in the ranking with 63% and 62% satisfaction, identical figures to those of Costa Rica, Canada or Israel. Among those who consider themselves the most unhappy are the inhabitants of many African countries (Togo 1% happiness, Burundi 2%, Sierra Leone 3%, etc.). In America, Haiti also occupies one of the lowest positions on the happiness scale (4%).

Spain ranks 43rd in the ranking , with a modest 36% happiness – above France, 35% – and 6% suffering .

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