FunNature & AnimalThese are the dangers of the dog eating garbage

These are the dangers of the dog eating garbage

Surely you have ever caught your dog searching and eating the waste from the garbage can, as Beatriz Ramos tells us in this video. Did you arrive in time to avoid indigestion or even gastroenteritis? Did you have to rush him to the vet? Or was he lucky and didn’t have time to put the crap in his mouth? Ingesting waste from the garbage can have very serious consequences for the health of our furry animals, these are some of the problems that can cause them:

Vomiting and diarrhea . It is the most normal thing that can happen to a dog that eats from the garbage can. The detritus found in it are not refrigerated and mix with each other, the decomposition of the body is more than assured.

Gastroenteritis . Contaminated food that ends up in the garbage can and later in our pet’s stomach can trigger gastroenteritis with its dangerous subsequent dehydration phase.

Intestinal parasites . If there are raw foods such as fish and meat in the garbage, the dog that eats them can contract anisakis (it can be present in fish) or parasites that populate the meat.

Bacteria . Dogs, just like people, can get salmonellosis if they eat food that has salmonella in it.

What to do if the dog gets intoxicated by eating garbage

If your dog has inadvertently eaten everything in the garbage can and has become intoxicated, don’t even think about it, take him to the vet as soon as possible. Depending on how serious the symptoms are (vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration) the veterinarian will determine the administration of serum and antibiotics, special food for dogs with gastric problems or even fasting for a few days.

In view of all this, from Muy Pets we recommend that you prevent the dog from “catching” anything from the garbage by not leaving the bucket within reach. It is a very simple gesture but of great importance for your health.

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