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Tibetan Terrier: one of the oldest dogs in the world – Recognized breed

The Tibetan terrier comes as its name suggests from Tibet, where it is said that it was a companion of Buddhist monks and also of shepherds. Their “importation” to the United States and Europe occurred in the mid-1950s, when the first litters arrived.

Despite its name, it does not belong to the terrier family, but is named for its medium size. They are docile , friendly dogs and great companions (especially for children) and with a great capacity for adaptation. They are also good guardians and recommended as therapy dogs.

Its great peculiarity is that it is one of the longest-lived breeds in the world, being able to live 17 years or even more in extreme cases, which for a medium-sized dog constitutes a fairly high life expectancy. Another characteristic feature is that it is one of the “purest” races, in the sense that there has not been a great intervention of the human hand, as there has been in other races.

They are dogs that are not very active but need their daily dose of exercise and play. Their personality is balanced and docile, but like all dogs they require a basic education that teaches them to behave in their environment. In general, they are affectionate with their family and sociable with other animals, but they need limits because, precisely because of their need for affection, they can become jealous.

Similar in appearance to the lhasa apso, its coat is one of its great characteristics, with a double coat of abundant, long and dense hair, in a wide range of colors that can range from black to brown, through black and white or brown. tricolor. Its size is medium: it usually weighs between 8 and 14 kg and measures approximately between 35 and 40 cm in height at the withers.

They are hardy dogs that easily get used to rural life and will be happy in the wild, but can live without problems in urban environments. Perfect companions for the whole family, Tibetan terriers are affectionate, calm and intelligent.

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