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Tiny House: “Trekkershus” in Lower Saxony lives the mini house lifestyle for young and old

The 36-year-old Hanoverian Florian Lenz embodies mini-house minimalism. That is why he converted an ocean-going container into a domicile for tourists.

Hanover – A tiny house shows itself in many different guises. The “Trekkershus” nevertheless has a very special thread. Owner Florian Lenz’s mini house used to be an ocean container that has already seen the whole world. Now the Tiny house exudes its international flair in Lower Saxony’s capital and embodies the minimalist lifestyle in its purest form. In 2017 he had his property converted into a tiny house, which today welcomes guests from all over the world. He speaks exclusively to about his Tiny House and the minimalist lifestyle that his Mini House in a project for alternative urban development in Hanover *.
In an interview with, Lenz exclusively reveals whether the tiny house is just a trend or whether it will change living in the long term.

On the Airbnb platform, Lenz’s Tiny House is one of the absolute best sellers and collects a number of positive reviews. A fact of which Lenz is proud because it shows that his idea is accepted by a broader mass. In his eyes, tiny houses are generally trending, an observation that Tiny House Wendland’s CEO Benjamin Glowatzki also confirms. He spoke exclusively to about the increasing demand and the influence of the corona pandemic on the purchase of a tiny house *. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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