LivingTo rehydrate, milk is better than water

To rehydrate, milk is better than water

beber-leche According to a study by McMaster University (USA), after exercising or playing, children become dehydrated and it is important to replace lost fluid. In experiments with 10-year-old kids, Brian Timmons and his team have shown that milk is better than sports drinks or water because "it contains high-quality protein, carbohydrates, calcium and electrolytes ." In addition, milk replaces sodium lost through sweat and helps the body retain fluids better. Also, this drink provides the proteins that children need for muscle development and growth , something that water cannot.

According to Timmons, when physically active children and adults are dehydrated by just 1%, they experience a 15% decrease in performance, with increased heart rate, increased body temperature, and signs of physical weakness that prevent them from continuing. exercising. If dehydration increases, there is even the risk of suffering a heart attack, adds the researcher.

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