AutoToyota Mirai, moving towards the hydrogen era

Toyota Mirai, moving towards the hydrogen era

Hydrogen is increasingly being postulated as one of the most consistent alternatives to diesel and gasoline vehicles. This technology, which is based on a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen inside fuel cells, does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere , unlike other energy sources, but its only emission is water vapor , avoiding air pollution when circulating.

Hydrogen will change transport as we know it for years to come. Society needs a sustainable system to replace fossil fuels, and what better solution than hydrogen, which is the most abundant element in the universe and can be produced in a sustainable way for later storage. In this way, it can conserve energy for longer than any other medium, making it extremely commercially viable energy.

It is an unlimited resource, as it can be extracted from water, in addition to other substances such as oil, gas, biofuels, and sewage sludge. Our planet is full of water, so, for the peace of mind of future generations, we will never run out of hydrogen. In addition, beyond cars, it can also be used to generate the necessary energy in homes and to propel other means of transport such as airplanes or trains.

In the field of transport, there are already many countries such as the United Kingdom or Denmark that are testing the use of hydrogen, mainly because it takes little time to refuel and drivers do not have to change their habits to adapt to these vehicles. A good example of this is Toyota, which plans to introduce more than 100 hydrogen-based buses for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games , with the intention that the public begins to better understand hydrogen and the many benefits that is capable of offering.

However, as it is a technology that is being progressively implemented , there are still certain barriers to the development of this type of mobility, such as the shortage of stations where to recharge fuel, popularly known as hydrogenerators . Some countries such as Germany allocate large amounts per year to its development and, thanks to this, it is now possible to circulate through a large part of their territory with hydrogen electric vehicles.

Thus, some car manufacturers, aware of the advantages that hydrogen provides compared to other fuels, are already betting on this clean and safe technology . It is not too surprising that Toyota is one of them, since for many years it has been concerned with laying a solid foundation to ensure that respect for the environment guides all its activities. In fact, the Japanese firm has already developed an innovative fuel cell system that generates electrical energy and that can be used both to propel its vehicles and to use it as an energy source in some buildings.

Toyota believes that great environmental and social benefits can be derived from the achievement of a future society based on the use of hydrogen and other renewable energy sources, without CO2 emissions, in all parts of the world. The Toyota Mirai is presented as the result of all the work that the brand has carried out for more than 25 years , when it began to work with this type of mechanics.

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