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Weimaraner dog: everything you need to know before having one – Origins

The Weimaraner is a highly prized dog, largely for its impressive beauty, fine hair and sleek figure, but also for its protective and family-oriented character and noble nature. Due to its past as a showing and collecting dog, it still has a certain hunting instinct, but that does not prevent it from being an excellent home dog, noble, faithful and good with children.

Despite his good character, one of his traits is stubbornness , especially when they are puppies, so he will need a firm education to avoid problems in the future. The weimaraner must know who is the leader of the “pack”, as well as respect all members of the family.

Its origins are unclear. It seems that it comes from the dog of Saint Hubert , a hound originating in Belgium. Other theories indicate that it comes from a French breed called Leithunde. In any case, its most immediate origins are in Germany, although it quickly spread throughout the rest of Europe. At the end of the 19th century it was the breed most used as hunting companions, and after the Second World War they experienced an important boom as companion dogs, especially in the United States.

As for their character, many of them are shy and distrustful of strangers, but their adaptability is good, so they do not present character problems. With their family they are protective and faithful, although they require a lot of attention and hate loneliness. They are “demanding” dogs, in the sense that they demand hours of company and attention , and they will be the happiest if you exercise with them.

The fur is its most characteristic physical seal, with that silvery gray that has given it the nickname of “gray ghost” for decades, apparently due to some legend from the past. Its limbs are long, fibrous and resistant, as well as its chest, very muscular and somewhat sunken.

In short, Weimaraners are good companions, faithful, intelligent and intuitive , who love their family very much but need a lot of attention. Are you willing to adopt one? We tell you some curiosities.

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